Dino Bites

Dino Bites

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jack Spratt

I made bread this morning, and it was piping hot at lunch time. The kids were very excited to eat the bread, but most of them asked me to cut off their crust. I was beginning to think I should have just cut the crust off the entire loaf to save the hassle of cutting it off each piece of bread! Even Sunny succumbed to peer pressure and asked for the crust to be cut so she could be like her friend, "Joy." (Joy is the preschool girl I tend.) Some of them do like the crust by itself, though, so I was giving them their crust along with their bread.

I noticed that Buster was eating his apples and leaving his bread untouched. He hadn't asked for crust removal, but I whisked his plate away to give it a try. I handed it back and got busy with other things. I looked back, and his crust was gone. I gave him some of the other abandoned crusts, and his face lit up. His soft bread is sitting on his plate.

I'm glad I have someone to help me eat all these crusts!

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