Dino Bites

Dino Bites

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smith Reunion

We left last Wednesday morning for the Smith Family Reunion in Oregon and Washington. We had a lot of fun!

We spent 2 nights at cabins at Emigrant Springs in Oregon. They were very basic, but they were clean and comfortable. The cousins had a lovely time running around in the woods and picking as many huckleberries as they could eat!

Buster "playing tennis" with his uncles

On Friday, we drove a little more to stay 2 nights at my brother's house in Kennewick, Washington. We spent one afternoon at an aquatic center and the next at a small lake/pond that's part of the Columbia River.

Ben and Buster at the Hermiston Aquatic Center

Kandy and Buster at the pond

Sunny found tons of tiny shells!

Because of our car troubles, we rented a minivan for the trip. It was nice to have automatic sliding doors and stowing space! I'm amazed how much stuff we fit into that van. Upon arriving home, we unloaded the van as fast as possible to return it to the rental location. Ben turned on our blue van to follow me there. The starter did start, but it kept going! It burned up (the motor--not the van). We were planning on getting rid of it anyway. It was kind of annoying, but more of an "oh, well" experience. The most annoying part is that rather than having a less-than-perfect car for a couple of weeks while finding a new car, we have no family car while looking.

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Anonymous said...

Car troubles put a damper on so many things! Sorry you don't have a car, that's really rough. Good luck finding one quickly!