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Dino Bites

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why I Love Uniforms

I just had to post today to say how much I love having my kids in uniforms! Back-to-school shopping is a breeze! I just opened the catalog from my favorite uniform retailer with my kids and had them point to what they liked. We had already figured out how many of each kind of thing they needed. I said, "You can have 5 short-sleeve polo shirts. Here are two kinds. So how many red, white, or blue ones of each do you want? Do you like khaki or navy pants?" I went online and ordered everything. Also, with uniforms, hand-me-downs are not a problem. Size matters, but not taste! In less than a morning and for less than $250 (love the e-mail coupons!), all our school shopping is done!

There is a teeny part of me that misses the adventure of school shopping as I remember it as a child. I miss the shopping trips with my mom and the food we would eat. Trying to find the clothes itself was a really big pain, but the memories aren't all negative! I have clear memories of finding some of my favorite things. I cannot imagine trying to go school shopping with 5 kids in tow!!! So overall, I am THRILLED with uniforms and the internet.


kristin said...

I agree - uniforms are great, esp when kids grow accustomed to them as youngsters. It's when they try implementing them in high school that I start to have issues with them because a)high schoolers have enough insecurities to deal with, with out having one of their main sources of comfort taken away and b) they're gonna do what they can to stand out/be set apart even in a uniform, so what's the point?

Calerich said...

When I started looking into charter schools as a possible place for my kids, uniforms were a huge positive for me! We ended up going to a charter school last year and loved it. School shopping is so much easier, getting dressed in the morning is so much easier. I even have a teenage daughter that fashion is so important. She loves uniforms. She says it makes the mornings easier as well, no drama in what to wear - just red, blue or white today. I think all schools should go to uniforms!

Katie said...

I would love to have uniforms in our school, especially for our 12 yr old girl! :)